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When Will My Baby Be Born Predictor: Does It Work?

Over the years, different technologies have been introduced and many of them changed our lives in one way or another. For instance, nowadays, you can even predict when your baby will be born. There are many online quizzes and apps that can help you know such a thing. With a when will my baby be born predictor, you will know not only the date of the birth of the baby, but in some cases, even the weather condition. It is hard to believe and it is important to note that you should not rely on such tools. However, just for the sake of curiosity, you can give it a try. There is no harm in doing it, anyway.

when will my baby be born predictor

Top Picks for When Will My Baby be Born Predictor

One of the predictors that you can see online is Madam Zaritska, which is pretty much random and creepy, and hence, lacks reputation. One user has shared that the results showed her that she will be giving birth early in the morning on a cloudy day. The height and weight of the baby has also been specified. The test is completely random as you will be asked on how was the weather outside today, the last animal you saw, your favorite scent, and your favorite color, among other things.

Top Picks for When Will My Baby be Born Predictor

The labor prediction quiz from Just Mommies website is another predictor that you can consider. Compared to the earlier mentioned, it asks more sensible questions, such as your birth and medical history. There is a more relevant basis in determining the birth of your baby, but still, the results should never be treated with accuracy.

When to Expect is another website that makes ambitious claims of being able to help predict your baby’s birthdate. They made use of US Census Data, which has been gathered from 2009 to 2010. They used certain characteristics of parents in order to determine birthdays. You just have to provide the information that you will be asked.

If you search for predictors of when your baby will be born, you can also find a pregnancy due date calculator. You simply have to input the date of your last period before you have known that you are pregnant.

A Better Way of Predicting Your Due Date

There is actually a better way and as some claim, an effective way of being able to tell when exactly you will be giving birth. Before we discuss, allow us to first mention that roughly only 5% of women deliver on the exact due date that they have been advised. This is such a minimal number! In many instances, babies are delivered one to three weeks earlier or later than the actual due date that has been advised by the doctor. This is already an indication that it is pretty much impossible to come up with an accurate prediction.

Based on a study that has been conducted in Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, a routine test can be conducted in order to have a more intelligent guess of when the baby will be born. This would involve the need to measure the cervical length at about 37 to 39 weeks of pregnancy. In the said study, 735 women have participated and a transvaginal ultrasound measurement has been conducted into them. Based on the research, if the length of the cervix is less than 10 millimeters, there is an 85% likelihood that the baby will be born within the next seven days. On the other hand, if it is 30 millimeters of less, the chances of being born within such duration will only be 50%.

The technique mentioned above, however, was still met with criticisms, even by doctors. With this, another thing that you can do is to use the calculation that doctors trust. All that you have to know is the last day of your menstrual cycle. Add 280 days to such and the result will help you calculate when exactly the baby will be born. However, keep in mind that this will only be applicable on what the doctors call a term baby or someone who undergoes 40 weeks of gestation.

Final Words

In sum, I would obviously advise that you do not rely on the predictors that you can find online. They will make crazy claims, but do not fall for what they are saying. Nonetheless, there is no harm in trying. There is no risk involved, after all. Just to satisfy your curious mind, give it a shot. See if it is indeed right. While giving it a try is recommended, again, do not believe what they say. Always consult with your doctor to know when exactly your due date is. However, take note that even medical findings from doctors can be wrong!

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